Protect Your Energetic Space

Energy vampires? Yes! People who intentionally or unintentionally; emotionally and mentally drain you. They feed on your kindness and your listening skills. Have you ever had this experience? What did you do? How did it make you feel?

They leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Nevertheless, you keep entertaining them and they keep coming back for more.

I recall having a friend who fits this description. Once we’re not around each other this individual would SMS me all day. At the end of the day, I’d count about 250-300 SMS. It was a mental wreck for me, being someone who likes my space. Unregrettable, I gradually remove myself from such a horrid experience. Protect your energy from this toxic behaviour and save a great amount of emotional distress.

These are some behaviours of an Energy Vampire.

Engage in passive-aggressive behaviour: this person might act excited as if they agree with you and subsequently not follow through with what was agreed upon. However, they will respond by behaving in a resentful and hostile manner.

They will force relationships to work: they will throw drama at you acting as though the relationship is important to them and hope you fall for it, fix it and talk about how critical it is to work things out and always give second chances.

They will play the blame game: If you fall for the gimmicks you are right back on their web of deceit. As soon as a situation arise that person will blame you for the misfortune or failure. Then pretend they no longer want to be in the relationship.

They will give the silent treatment: They’ll refuse to talk to you – not answering their phones or responding to any of your efforts to communicate with them. If they are around you they will refuse to acknowledge your presence.

Social Isolation: When you try to socialise with others, this person will try to find any excuse to blame you for not spending enough time with them and blame you for always causing a problem. And even use the opportunity to deprive you of things.

They trivialise your problems: You can never find a genuine friend in this person. They will make excuses for not talking to you e.g., being busy. And if they talk to you they make your issue seem less important or not at all. Or they may even try to tell you that you are the reason for your own problems.

There and many more, but these are just a few. Some of you may know it. I know it firsthand. Some of them could also be termed manipulation and are more in-depth.

Being aware and recognizing this behaviour will not help unless you set boundaries or rid yourself of such a burden. These aren’t the kind of baggage you want to take with you into the future. This will sorely diminish your chances of achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life.

The longer you remain in these relationships the more damage you are likely to become. Because it is you who will be expending your energy to always hold it together. Use good judgement and decide what is right for you and your well-being. You deserve the best. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE.

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