Signs Your Boundaries Need Attention

Our emotions are a huge part of our life. I am saying this because the way we think and our emotions have a profound effect on one another. Our thoughts trigger our emotions. The environment and people we are surrounded by is also contributing factor.

For us to understand ourselves and emotion we need to take stock of what is happening around us, even in our minds.

Ask yourself “Am I giving too much of my time to others?” or “Am I overthinking?” The danger is in both.

Here are 6 signs your boundaries may need attention.

  • You are exhausted and drained
  • You feel incomplete without others
  • You can’t say no to others
  • You accepy unwanted affection
  • You are resentful and upset
  • Justifying someone’s behaviour
  • Settling for less than what you deserve
  • Allowing your space to be invaded

What kind of people are you allowing in your life? Are they overstepping their boundaries? Then, it is time for a self-check. You have the right to take time out to put mechanisms in place to cater to yourself. Don’t make a monument of such burden as they are poisonous, and therefore, only you have the power to set the rules and manage your relationships.

Below I give you an idea of boundaries to set for yourself.

  • Set aside time for self-care – your mental and emotional well-being is important.
  • Set quiet time in order to reflect on whats good and right for you.
  • Avoid the television and social media to detox from social ills.
  • Value your opinion
  • Avoid gossiping and bringing others down
  • Vet and schred your friends list. In the virtual and real world
  • Avoid sharing personal information with random people
  • Be assertive and ensure your perception of boundaries are healthy

In every relationship in your life, it is critical to set boundaries. It’s not your job to make others happy. Whether it is emotional, physical or mental boundary it is vital for you to set boundaries to protect your space and personal development.

Form greater awareness of your needs. Once you know who you are and what you need you will be able to recognize where to draw your boundary lines.

You deserve all the happiness in the world. Embrace your reality and glow with confidence and grace.

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