5 Simple Things to Improve Your Life

Many of us delay the changes we want to make in our life without thinking that time doesn’t wait on us. This act of procrastination can harm us more than do us good. I understand that sometimes there are valid reasons for doing so, but when we believe that we have all the time in the world and put our priorities on hold expecting others to get it done we set ourselves up for failure.

If you are serious about making a change in your life the time to start is NOW. Putting your goals and dreams on hold defeats the purpose of your existence. Anything, as it pertains to your personal development should not be delayed otherwise, life will pass you by.

Here are five things to start doing right now.

Surround yourself with successful people: When you are around like-minded people, you will be encouraged and empowered, you will be able to see life from a different perspective. Don’t get tired of hearing this. It is the same when you are surrounded by people who are negative and aren’t going anywhere in life.

Demonstrate Accountability: Know this. You are the leader of your life. Period! Anything you failed to plan and is met with dissatisfaction, then you should hold yourself accountable. Plan your life. Make the change. Or someone will do it for you.

Work on yourself: You matter. Yes, you. You’re important. You deserve everything good thing. You are valuable. Immerse yourself by practising kindness, taking care of your body, writing down your thoughts and reading. All of these things are a huge contributing factor to making your life better.

Connect with yourself: Connecting with yourself will allow you to be in tune with who you really are. Whether it is your emotions, thoughts or your beliefs it is crucial to your well-being. Create a morning routine, keep a journal, and write down your emotions. Let yourself go and allow who you really are inside – that inner person – to flow freely.

Respect yourself: This is what I consider another form of self-care. Love yourself to death. Yes, I said that. It starts with you. Respect yourself enough to love yourself. You are the first person you encounter when you awake every morning … don’t forget to compliment yourself.

Having an appreciation for who you are will lead you to a more productive and fulfilling career and social life. Find the courage to be supportive of yourself because, for the majority of this process, you’ll have to walk alone. Be gentle with yourself.

“Loving yourself isn’t self-fish, it is understanding who you are.”

Odee Ba

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