Let Go So You Can Grow

What does it mean to let go? It is detaching yourself from things that are unpleasant and harmful to your emotions and thoughts and generally your well-being. It is when you release yourself gradually or suddenly from a situation or relations.

Letting go can also mean, letting go of our mistakes, our failures and our frustration. Allowing that negative feeling can affect our lives and cloud our judgement and vision. We cling to them and wear them like badges on our sleeves as if they empower us.

When we respond to these issues by holding on to them they can severely affect our health and our progress in life.

Here are 3 signs it’s time to let go

Sacrificing your true self: If what you are holding on to requires you to engage in activities that compromise your beliefs and values, let go. Because in the long run, you will find yourself doing the things you don’t like and making others happy while destroying your own happiness.

You feel worthless: You’re trying to help and please everyone. Yet you feel underappreciated and undervalued. Then one day you wake up and realize that you aren’t even honoured and respected for your efforts, and have expended all your energies. Do yourself a favour and stop.

You have no connection to what you’re doing: You have lost interest in what you are involved in. Whether it’s a job, relationship; avoid clinging to things and people that are holding you back and draining the life out of you.

3 benefits of letting go

Improved mental health: Letting go means you choose to lay aside the burden to feel lighter and put yourself first. This can mean less stress for you and you are being kind to yourself.

Letting go improves future relationships: Whenever you find yourself in a situation that isn’t beneficial to you and not adding value to your life, leaving won’t be so hard since you have already been in the same situation and know how to take on the challenge.

Improved self-esteem: You will love and respect yourself. You won’t criticize yourself for doing things that you don’t want to do. You will develop more confidence in your own decision making and be able to establish your purpose.

Letting go is never easy but is always possible if you decide that you don’t want to be in that job that is serving you no good or that relationship that is weighing you down and frustrates you. Once you let go before you know it, weeks and months will have passed. Don’t grieve for what is wrong. Have the courage to be fearless to do what is right in your interest and self-development.

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