Benefits of Thinking Outside The Box

The metaphor “thinking outside the box” is considered thinking different or from a new perspective or looking for new ideas. For example, seeing your whole life failing and deciding to make a change, breaking away from certain values and beliefs systems that have negatively impacted you. Such an act challenges you to forget there was even a box.

It is one of the most blissful things that have ever happened to me, a use-to-be closed-minded individual. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re wired with a one-tract mind. Yep! A very dark place to be. Oh, how could I be so blind? A mind that is closed to new ideas and solutions and unable to navigate this journey, called life.

Although the jargon is overused I will never rubbish the term. After all, how could I? As creatures of habit, it is hard to think outside the box so we choose the familiar instead. I found it difficult to think outside the box but it has taught me to question certain values and beliefs I once held. It was about reasoning and not agreeing. It is catering to rejection and risks and possible failures which are vital for the path of personal growth.

3 Benefits of thinking outside the box

You develop an open mind: Being open-minded helps you see the world, people and situations from a different perspective. You become mentally strong and view every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. You won’t view people’s opinions from a negative point of view just because it’s different, but instead, with respect knowing that you can gain knowledge from it and you also have your opinion. Open-mindedness helps you to navigate life with strength and wisdom.

It enriches your life: Open-mindedness is important to critical thinking. When challenging your beliefs you will discover new things about yourself. Being open to new ideas helps you to have a more vibrant mind, exuding positivity and reinforcing your confidence and leading a fulfilling life. You will become less judgemental and stressed knowing that you are accepting and understanding of other people and situations.

You will recognize new opportunities: When you choose to stay in your short-sighted and narrow-mindedness you will miss out on opportunities. They will come to your feet and you won’t recognize them because you have no clue. When you open your mind you accept new ideas and learn about and become more knowledgeable. Your new knowledge will benefit you and make you more insightful. The knowledge you gain will help you identify new opportunities.

Here are a few ways to think outside the box

  • Ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions
  • Push your brains to think long and hard
  • Become curious about a certain topic and do some research
  • Avoid approaching an issue based on YOUR experience
  • Choose an uncommon topic and discuss with your friends
  • Find inspiration from the things you hate
  • Develop actice listening when talking to other whose ideas you don’t usually respect
  • Practice meditation to quiet the mind
  • Be patient, this is your journey

Patience is Virtue…
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