Becoming The Person You Desire to Be

How can you become the person you want to be? How do you envision yourself? Where do you begin?

As you journey through life, working towards your goals; knowing who you are and your aspirations are the keys to your success. Becoming who you want to demand a lot of courage and strength, and the belief that you have the capacity to achieve anything you are working on.

It is a very challenging journey. But if your desire is to achieve your goals you’ll have to put your best leg forward – believing that your dreams are possible.

When you embark on your journey there will be moments of frustration and thoughts and feelings of giving up. When you feel this way you must stay confident in your ability to persevere and accomplish your dreams. Focus on behaviours that will benefit your growth.

Personally, I want to further my writing and become better at it. Of course, there is always room for improvement.

I started writing scripts for movies but they are unfinished. However, I plan on finishing them soon. So, you see it is also part of my writing. I also want to improve my writing on this platform. Indeed, I got some work to do.

I might even take a blogging course. Hmmm. Did I just say that?

I Have so much to do even to master the use of WordPress. Such a pain. Although I am still trying to find my way around here, I don’t plan on leaving or giving up.

All this is part of my becoming.

I want to develop new connections. Aligning myself with like-minded people who share the same values and have good intentions. I value myself. A lot. I’ve been thinking to upload my full photo here. These past few weeks I have developed an unquenchable thirst for life and a force that’s driving me to relocate.

I also want to fall in love with cats again. They are great fur humans. This list could be longer.

Some of you might care and others may not because it might appear insignificant. So what? I do what makes me happy. I embrace myself.

I am no longer just existing but instead choose to live my life my way. It’s my choice – my becoming. What’s yours? Hopefully, you have a good answer for yourself.

Many people want to become Doctors, Artist, Actors, Bloggers. You can become anything you want to be.

I am always working on myself. There’s is always scope for progression and improvement.

So how do you become the person you want to be?

I will share with you five points to deposit in your life to become the individual you aspire to be.

Believe in yourself

This means having faith in yourself and your abilities. I believe that this is tantamount to your success because in believing in yourself you will overcome doubts that can harm your confidence and ultimately destroy your dreams.

Be visual with your desires

Forming a mental image of what you want, to make your dreams a reality. The Buddha said, “what we think, we become.” So if you want to get better and accomplish those dreams start thinking about it and visualize it. Find time to meditate and be intentional about your desires.

Forgive your imperfect self

Some days you will do the best you can and other days you won’t. Acknowledge this. You will make the mistake use it as a stepping stone. Don’t be too critical of yourself. Try to understand you’re going through a process of change.

Evaluate your role models

Think about the people you admire. Get your paper and pen and list those you admire and narrow them down to those you admire the most. Write what you admire about them. Is it because you share similar experiences? Or is it because of their dedication? Be honest with yourself. Evaluating role models is important in order for you to understand who you are looking up to and understand their motivation.

Plan for a positive change

Your dreams and motivation will give you a clear idea of who you want to be. Develop a plan for personal growth and development. Organize your daily routine. Whether it is meditation, exercise, or reading and writing, work toward your goals each day.

In conclusion, remain positive while you work on yourself. Change your impossible to possible, I cannot to I can, I am nothing to I AM. Shift your mindset to an abundance of ways of thinking.

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Blog. I'm all about self-improvement - self-improvement that involves daily and consistent actions, and the right mental attitude and behaviour in an effort to accomplish your goals; strengthening your confidence and self-esteem. Discover yourself as you become more mindful, present and peaceful in your life. I choose to share my writing with you and I hope you enjoy it and become inspired and aspire to your greatest heights.

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