Is a Daily Planner Worth It

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How do you organize yourself daily? Do you manage your time effectively? How much of your plan are you able to follow through with? Do you have a written plan or do you make mental notes?

For as long as I can remember, I used to keep a mental plan about my daily activities. It never went well. Some days I forgot everything. That was a horrible way for me to organize myself. An ineffective and weak strategy, thinking that was the way I can accomplish things.

Eventually, I’ve come to realize that by not having a daily planner I run the risk of mismanaging my time and decreasing my ability to achieve my objectives and ultimately being unproductive.

I have discovered the importance of a daily planner and its effectiveness to achieve the best results in creating a personal growth and development plan for my life. Ever since it has been a supportive personal assistant helping me to identify the kind of person I want to become, and the skills I need to attain my goals. At the end of the day, I”m able to reflect on what was accomplished and areas for improvement, and things that I need to prioritise and reassess.

Daily Planner – Meaning and its Importance

A daily planner by definition is a personal organizer designed to help chart your day – every day. It allows you to schedule tasks, appointments, errands and activities. By doing this, you’re able to understand what has to be done, when it has to be done and ensure you have adequate time to do everything on your list.

A daily planner is essential to creating a balanced life. It gives you the opportunity to separate time for work and time for everything. These things can range from walking up in the morning to walking your dog to visiting your friends. Developing a daily plan helps you to identify goals for your life through analyzing in order to form a vision.

A Daily Planner as a Personal Development tool

Many areas in personal development consist of activities that give rise to a person’s goals and aspirations. Incorporating self-improvement into your daily routine, making notes and planning how you’re going to work towards achieving your goals.

Personal development is a lifelong process. However, having a daily planner helps to assess your strategies and approach towards self-development. Whether it’s improving your diet, learning a new language, meditating, learning a new skill or working on your social and emotional development, a daily planner is perfect for devising your routine and allocating time in your day to day life, to improve and assess your goals and building qualities to achieve your potentials.

Below I share with you 6 benefits of a daily planner.

It Enhances your productivity

What motivates you to put in the extra work and get things done according to your desire? Is it a glass of wine? Coffee? Or the thought of accomplishments or even the love for your aspiration?

Do you enjoy multitasking or do you prefer focusing on one thing at a time? The former is known among people who want to fulfil more than one commitment at once. because of an urgent need to do so or perhaps it is their way of getting things done. How efficient is this mode of work? Have you ever tried it? How did it go? Perhaps you did, only to realize that you haven’t accomplished anything. Using a daily planner will help you to devote specific time to each task for the purpose of achieving your goals satisfactorily.

Maintain an effective schedule

Using a daily planner will help you stay in control of your day to day activities. Making notes of all your dreams and how you’re going to approach them each day is an effective way of recalling what you’re obligated to do. A daily planner is a perfect organizer that will generate a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I believe this should be your ultimate goal.

Focus on the important task

With a daily planner, you can prioritize important tasks and appointments. Sometimes responsibilities can become overwhelming. However, by using a daily planner you’ll be able to keep your activities in a space that you can manage and monitor effectively.

Being mindful

Focus is one of the keywords to achieving one’s goal. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in strategies that you’ve planned, to develop yourself. Being mindful help you to maintain an awareness of your responsibilities to yourself.

If you are determined to achieve your goals, attention is required with a purpose to focus on your objectives.

Keep track of progress

By adding notes, tasks and activities to your planner you are more likely to fulfil your duties to yourself. Since each item is scheduled you are aware of how your time is allotted and therefore makes all your activities much easier to attain.

You feel a sense of accomplishment

Having planned your daily routine means you’re less likely to forget things that are important and less stressful, and improved productivity. That’s right. You get more done each day. And who doesn’t love the feeling of achievement? I do. Do you?

“Plan your work for today and everyday, then work your plan.”

Margaret Thatcher

You are more likely to be successful at your endeavours if you have a clear plan of set goals than if you have none. There is joy in knowing that your day is going to be a good one when you awake in the morning and is aware that your planner is there to carve out your day. After all, who wouldn’t that; as you work on yourself to improve and live the best life you aspire to have.

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