Reinventing Yourself

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What would it mean to you if you dared to dream and live your dream?

Imagine how it would feel being a different person, in a different place. Living the life you always dreamed of. Walking and breathing your new life. The life you once thought was impossible and only some can attain. The life you once waited for, is here but only here because you decided to wake up and let it happen.

“The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

What does it mean to reinvent yourself? Each time you experience a change in your life – marriage, new job, relocation, or hit rock bottom, you must choose who you want to be otherwise you will never amount to anything. How many times have you reinvented yourself in your life? Sometimes circumstances force you to take control of your lives – your future. And if at that time you are not ready or conscious of what is happening we can easily fall back in our comfort zone and walk towards the darkness.

A few years ago I was thrust into a journey of reinventing myself. When I had no job and had just broken off a relationship. I decided to make a shift One of the hardest periods of my life. But I did it anyway. This crisis was sudden. However, it was the start of new things to come. When I made the decision to change, it was one that I was thinking about for a couple of years prior, but never follow through instead it creep up on me without notice. This partial story is familiar with so many others out there. What’s yours?

Many people believe change is daunting but it doesn’t have to be that way. Reinvention isn’t throwing out the things you consider no good – it’s choosing one thing over another, that is new and beneficial to your growth and development.

Do you know when a change is needed in your life? How do you know what to look for?

How do you recognize it’s time to reinvent yourself

Reinventing yourself is one of the greatest thing you can epitomize the changes occurring in your life. If you’re not sure or ready for this process or just afraid that it will rob you of the individual you are comfortable with being because it’s not the right time.

Reinvention evokes many questions in our minds. Questions such as …

Am I ready for this?

Am I brave enough to follow through?

What will people think about me?

Reinvention does not always announce it’s time for a change. It can come suddenly on you or gradually creep up on you. The latter happens when you have no plans and no intentions. And the former may happen when you ignore the signs that were given.

When you do things with intentions it will lead to change and sometimes it is unrecognizable.

Listen, when you surround yourself with meaningless relationships you will have shallow connections that you won’t be able to turn to when you need a form of support. And if that doesn’t open your eyes you will be compelled to alter the relationships around you. When you find you are lacking in an area that is crucial to your development this is when you need to align yourself with the right people. If you are working in a certain area and have been trying hard to achieve a goal and it’s not working then ask yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” “Am I willing to keep trying and failing?” Perhaps you have exhausted your options and don’t know what to do. This is time to make a change.

Reinventing yourselves is a vital aspect of personal development. When you change your lives, you reflect new beliefs, habits, friendships and routines. It is focusing on the good. Decluttering, physically, emotionally and mentally. Even a diet. Yes! Eating healthy. It’s like a snake shedding its skin. but a little twist because you change from the inside out allowing for a complete transformation.

What prevents you from changing

Change is all around us happening constantly. It’s a natural part of life. Changing your life doesn’t come easily. How do you deal with changes? Change is always difficult especially when you’re tied to habits, lifestyle, a place or people who you have to leave behind. It scares you and makes you feel powerless.

People are naturally inclined to find security in the familiar. Launching into the unknown is scary. The uncertainty about the impact, especially the impact of the decision to form new friends and relocate.

Resisting change can be bad for your life particularly in the face of personal development. Resisting change is creating your own barrier to self-growth. See more in the video below regarding change.

Change is challenging and avoiding it will only cause you to miss opportunities. Opportunities that may never come again. Choose to make that change. If the change is caused by external factors such as a pandemic or death we may feel helpless, otherwise, we might be able to control the outcome.


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