5 Quotes By Carl Jung That Will Change Your Life

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Carl Gustav Jung was an inspiring author and renowned Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He was also the founder of analytical psychology. Jung attained his education from the University of Basel and the University of Zurich. He forged the idea of introverted and extroverted personalities, archetypes and the power of the subconscious. Moreover, Jung came from a religious background but he defied this tradition and instead of entering the world of clergy he attended University where he studied biology, psychology, mythology, religion and many more.

For me, Jung’s work provided me with an understanding of myself and others, improved my ability to deal with personal issues, instead of impulsive reactions, pause, reflect and consider. Much like my meditations. Further, it has helped me develop my personal and individual life, and give a sense of self-acceptance.

If you want to grow and develop your life you must put in the extra work – it’s more than desires – it’s mental – an idea that you should nurture. Otherwise, you’ll end up nowhere and find yourself going around in circles or wandering aimlessly.

I have collected five of Jung quotes that I found inspirational and wise and want to share with you. These quotes will give you a deeper understanding of transforming your mind and subsequently your life.

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Perhaps the saying “Action speaks louder than words” is also true. Your actions will demonstrate your real attitude and how much you want to work towards the development of your personal life. If you say you want to change your life and become a better person and experience a different life it is important to work toward achieving your goal and not only talk about it. As talking about it shows that you have no interest or a genuine desire to attain your goals. This, to my mind, is absolute self-deceit. Imagine telling others and yourself that you want to become an entrepreneur but never picking up that book to read or joining that class or saving some cash to develop yourself and achieve your dreams. Or your friend apologizing for their mistakes repeatedly, but if their action hasn’t changed it would be meaningless. Your actions will prove who you are.

“I am not what happened to me, I am who I choose to become.”

Your life is a reflection of your choices. You have a responsibility to yourself to decide what you want to become, what you do with your time and what you choose. A lot of times you choose to let yourself be lost by what has happened in your life.

You are not what occurred to you in the past. Choosing what or who you want to become is not determined by your past. The same goes for what people gossip or know about you. This is specifically for you if you’re on a path of growth. You have so many choices available to you in this modern age to decide what you want to become. Not how others perceive you to be or how you would like them to see you. It is up to you to make that choice. Start now and don’t life pass and disappear. Do it for you.

We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”

Someone I know for a long time has been living in an abusive relationship for many years. And because she loves her partner – so much. he doesn’t want to believe that she is in an abusive relationship. She doesn’t want to believe she’s unloved and being treated disrespectfully. The truth is she is being ill-treated by a person whom she loves dearly and cannot face that as a fact.

Yet she cannot change anything about her circumstances until she is willing to accept it and stop denying what is happening to her.

Your life will be easier if you learn to accept those things you are unable to change. That is the reason why solitude is great for reflection and introspection. In the process of introspection be careful not to criticize yourself or your situation. Instead, accept yourself and what is happening for what they are – although they are not beautiful things. Remember the longer you take to initiate action the longer your life will remain the same.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

As a child, you grew up in a home where adults made all the decisions for you. What you wear, where you go, what school you attend, and what you eat; and as you are nurtured and you mature some of you were told what to become or what career path you should take. Perhaps it felt great and you were excited at that time because you were told why you should take it … for reasons such as it pays a lot of money. But have you ever thought about what it would be like or how much more exciting it would be for you to be given an opportunity to choose for yourself?

Having the chance to choose for yourself, especially when it comes to a career is one of the greatest freedom to embark on a journey of a lifetime doing what you love and not what someone else is in love with. Many of you are working jobs that were chosen for you by parents and perhaps even friends because they believe it “suits you.” Working jobs that you are unhappy with.

It is never too late to make that change and become who you always want to be. You are an individual with the power and courage to transform your life into one that is satisfactory and fulfilling. By doing this you are living your authentic self and will bring much more self-acceptance and appreciation for life.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves.”

What we see in others is indeed a reflection of ourselves. Does everything about people irritate you? What are some of those things? Stop and think for a moment. What if some of those things are deeply embedded in you? But because you are so caught up about what is wrong with others you become blinded by the fact that you are also suffering from the same thing and is only triggered when you notice such things. Does this person remind you of a past experience … parent, teacher, relationship, coworker or yourself?

Here’s an example: Someone who is easily angered reminds you of a parent who treated you badly or your own temperament that is the cause for all the broken relationships and friendships in your life. These thoughts create stumbling blocks in your life and limitations that affect your growth and development.

Practising awareness will help you become more present. Observe your thoughts, habits and actions in response to these triggers. It is as if you were watching yourself and knowing the consequences of your behaviours and how they are align with the person you want to be. When you are conscious of what you are doing you can decide whether what is happening is an action or thought pattern. Example: If you constantly put yourself down this is what you will become good at? Practice good conscious action as you go through your day as you repeat these good actions you will get better at them.


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