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What are you passionate about? Your passion is a deep feeling or emotion or a strong liking. Example: She has a passion for acting. Every day the word is tossed around but have you ever thought or tried to identify the things you’d relish doing during your lifetime, and by identifying these activities and practicing them you can contribute to your personal development and harness your creative power and self-love?

Sure, reading and repetition of positive affirmation aren’t all.

But …

Having a passion is so important when it comes to enhancing your life and achieving your dreams. When you discover what you are passionate about, and pursue it, you can use this golden gift as an inspiration to harness your creativity and help you create the life you love and imagine.

Sometimes it can take years for you to discover your passion; going through many challenges and experiences and accomplishments before you stumble upon that activity that you absolutely love doing, regardless of what others might say. Or perhaps it is that activity you always love doing when you were a child but somehow got lost on the way.

Creativity is a vital aspect of our lives. You may not be that singer or designer and have absolutely no interest in the creative, yet there are others who can never get enough. I firmly believe that creativity is a powerful tool that can be used to harness self-love.

We all possess some form of creativity within us. Whether it is the way we communicate, writing, dancing, fashion or cooking. However, the question is how do you use your creative energy to harness self-love? Simultaneously, you may have invested a lot of time not being purposeful or intentional about what you genuinely want for yourself.

There are so many things you can do or practice to harness self-love. The following are some of the ways you can utilize to harness self-love.

  • Care less about what others think.
  • Believe in youself
  • Understand yourself
  • Be receptive
  • Pay attention to your intuition
  • Accept that you’re not perfect
  • Take good care of your body
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Practice self-awareness
  • Have an open mind

… how you can use creativity to harness self-love but first …

Finding your creativity

We all have our own traits, preferences and method of imparting things about ourselves. But have you ever question yourself about what you really enjoy doing? That activity you would love to constantly engage in because it delivers so much joy and satisfaction. It is not always easy to find what we truly want to immerse ourselves in, but with trial and error what we truly love and inspires us will come to surface. This is a very difficult step in discovering who you truly are but is necessary to experience in order for you to regenerate.

Be intentional about the atmosphere you immerse yourself in and notice what you’re drawn to. The more time you invest in an atmosphere that is uplifting and encouraging the sooner you’ll likely to discover your true nature. This is a consequence of the conduciveness of the atmosphere.

Read the following to learn more on how you can find your creativity by getting in touch with yourself.

  • Seek quiet spaces to facilitate reflection and journaling. Journaling is a strategy use to help you account for your deepest thoughts and emotions as you navigate towards inspiring your creativity.
  • Join social groups whose interest and passion align with yours. This will give you a sense of belonging; whether it is over shared love for writing, singing or poetry joining a group will contribute to you achieving your personal goals.
  • Set boundaries for people who discourages your growth and development, and negatively impact your emotions.
  • Find what you’re passionate about. Finding your passion produces effect and continuous effort produces results which produces a more significant discovery of yourself.
  • Pay attention to what you are drawn to. In doing so, you will be guided to yourself. Therefore, choose quiet and peaceful time in meditation and notice the moment you feel the urge to do something, as shifts emerges when your mind is in stillness.
  • Reassess your relationships. It is important in discovering who you are. A large aspect of it lies in the people you are around. When you do this you’ll realize you never knew anyone else until you discover your true self.

People need the real you and you also need the real you. When you understand who you are your passion and purpose will become enlarge and you will consume less time going around in repetitive motion. This is a destructive pattern and if allowed will result in disaster.


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