Finding Creativity and Using It to Harness Self-Love – Final

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I have spent many years not knowing exactly what I wanted to do? When I said what I wanted to do I’m talking about that thing we all have in side us that burns brighter than the sun, and hidden in all of us. Passion. You hear all the time people talk about what they love doing and spent most of their time on a part from their day job. It can be fishing, painting, dancing, writing or poetry.

What are you passionate about?

I used to wonder whether the things we love and enjoy doing can help us get to know ourselves better and connect with ourselves. I guess there’s only one way to find out. If we only do a thorough search and discover what exactly ignites our soul and minds and intrigues our interest.

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That activity we are mesmerize about, and where our energy flows like a gushing stream and brings us to a place of tranquility mindfulness and presence. A place where we can reflect, observe and absorb. Experiences may vary based on one’s talent and interest. Being in this state help us to observe our creativity. We are all creative beings and while many of us immersed ourselves in our “passion” others search for theirs all their life and the rest have no desire to discover. However, there are many thing that can impede on harnessing our passions and fueling self-love.

4 Things that can hinder us from harnessing our creativity/passion

#1 Self-doubt This occurs when we lack confidence or feel we are unable to do the things we want to do. It is our mindset that hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams. So it is with harnessing our creativity. You may think about whether others will like you, support your or love what you do. These are issues we can work and rid ourselves of but the challenges are many. That is not to say it’s unchangeable, but if dealt with can be overcome.

#2 Allowing others to define us People will always try to tell us who they think we are, what we are capable of or who we should be. Don’t let others rip you a part otherwise you will lose parts of yourself and feel as though you can only fit in a particular box. For example, people will tell you what career you should pursue, how good/bad they think you are at something. Your value and identity is in your hands and the opinion of others doesn’t always matter.

#3 Fear We are living beings and we are all familiar with the term. Can you recall a moment in your life when you were unpleasantly face with a situation that is painful or dangerous? How did it made you feel? Fear is a natural part of life and a powerful emotion affecting our mind and body. When I was a child and it was time for me to read that poem I would literally shiver and desperately try to get my name of the nights’ performance list. Thoughts of performing and “what if I erred” stole an exciting event from me. This is how fear can envelope our lives and prevent us from accomplishing anything.

#4 Limiting beliefs The belief about yourself that restricts you in some or many ways. These beliefs prevents us from becoming who we are meant to be. These beliefs are: No one will listen to me, I am not smart enough – these negative perception that dwell in our conscious are rooted in values and beliefs of our friends and relatives not forgetting social construct. Limiting beliefs are the opposition of a wholesome mindset and emerges when you begin to make positive changes in your life.

When I was 19 years old I started attending dance classes. Every time I had to attend I felt as though I was dragging myself – mentally. Although there were others things that I enjoyed doing I wanted desperately to be a part of a group that I can immerse myself in a particular activity. I enjoyed every moment of it but two things kept me from going and eventually I stop. (1) I became anxious about how I might be looking when I’m dancing and (2) what others will say if they were to find out that ‘I’m part of a dance group. For the short time it felt great to be among people who are involved in the same activity as I am. I felt a lot of confidence and grace and positivity. It was as though there isn’t anything I couldn’t accomplish. But all this was short-lived when those negative thoughts got the best of me.

It was not until after many years I re-discover my love for stories and writing and eventually started this blog. I am aware I’m not the greatest out here and although I have not been able to write as often lately I still love doing this. Writing has thought me so many things about myself but more significantly it has given me a lot more confidence to impart my thoughts in a public space. As a result I have grown to cherish this forum because through writing I have gain a lot of self knowledge and self love.

Finding what I love doing and having the courage to share it with others, and not think what they’ll have to say is powerful.

I have learned that being passionate about what you’re doing ignites positive emotion and mindset. It gives a feeling of absolute freedom. Using creativity to cultivate self-love you will find that you’ll understand who you are and your self-worth; and despite the negative that will appear from time to time happiness will always be enough. The things that once seem challenging will become easily acceptable. You’ll develop patience, acceptance and a presence of love and tranquility.

In 25 minutes I turn 45. It’s not scary. I feel an extreme happiness and peace of mind. As a matter of fact this year I also plan to indulge a lot more in screenwriting. There are many story ideas I have written and stored. But I’m also planning to get a foundation in order to hone my screenwriting skills because I know there’ are more things to learn from this industry. I would love to throw more support out here… I will need a lot of support and look forward to writing more often. I’ve had many things on my mind lately, but I’m still. Hope everyone is doing great. Much love.


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