Strategies to Navigate Tough Situations

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Life is full of obstacles. And sometimes getting through these obstacles can be very tough and takes a lot of faith, positivity and will power. Faith, because it helps us to trust with our whole being, and that things will be taken cared of. Positivity and will-power because the former reflects that in positive thinking we are aided when frustrated; and our health and well-being and overall outlook on life are complete. The latter, because it gives us the ability to respond to our troubles with the knowledge that no matter what we’ll strive for what we want to acquire.

I’m not an expert, but I consider myself someone, like many others who have had their share of life’s uncertainties. Regardless, I’ve remained centered and never choose to give in – I lived through it. These are useful information I’ve used to manage through.

So whether it’s job loses, financial struggles, natural disaster or health issues or a broken heart the way we respond to these challenges shape our lives and who we are. These are issues that threatens the inner most part of our being. At times we’ll think we are unable to get through them but we have what it takes to do so if we only look deep down inside us.

Some of these issues, we get through them. On the other had, we don’t do so so well. The lesson here is that getting through challenging times is not about the problem, but our outlook and the plan of action implemented.

Clear Your Mind

What do you do when you are feeling stuck, frustrated, your judgement is clouded and can’t seem to focused.

Meditate. We often tell ourselves that we do not have time to take a break. But meditation will bring about more clarity and productivity. When your mind is clear you re able to focus and generate new ideas. So, take some time to work on your thoughts and ease the tension and stress you are experiencing.

Shift Your Paradigm

What does this mean?

According to the online Merriman Webster a paradigm is an important change that occurs when your usual way of thinking about or doing something supersedes by a new and different way. An example of paradigm shift is evolution or the replacement of old beliefs with new ones based on technological or cultural factors.

How does this applies to you?

Paradigms are powerful in our lives. They make us more effective when we become more aligned. This can only occur when we look at things objectively.

Here is a simple way to shift your paradigm as it relates to your issues.

  • Think about what is happening in your life that you want to change and the attitude that is effecting that negative result.
  • Write them down in details.
  • Ask yourself what new habit or behaviour you would like to adopt, and make a note of them.
  • Frequently practice the new habit you would like to adopt and allow the idea to stay in your mind.

As long as it is planted and nurtured it will take away the negative habits as the latter is no longer being nourished. This practice is worthwhile and will take dedication. Changing your paradigm opens new opportunities for personal growth and success.

Tough times aren’t an identity. It’s temporary. Everyone experience tough times at some point in their life.

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

Control What’s Happening Around You

What happens when you are unable to control what’s happening around you? Your environment can influence your behaviour and demotivates you. Loud noises, large crowds, even at work the environment can be overwhelming and can increase your stress and eventually affect your mental health. Therefore, understanding what’s happening around you plays a vital role in your mental health.

Simultaneously, you will also have to recognize what you are required to change and make adjustment related to what is happening around you.

For instance, if you dwell in a household where other family members are at always at odds with you or worst, a toxic family. You might want to consider checking out in order to create a healthier environment for yourself. One where you can flourished and focus.

I am unable to focus in an environment that’s noisy, music, human drama etc. – recipe for a chaotic environment.

I am alarm at how some folks I am familiar with are UNABLE to focus WITHOUT music. My environment plays an important role when it comes to my feelings and behaviour.

Create a healthy environment that is essential to your entire well-being.

Focus on Solutions

There was a time in my life when I encountered issues – all I could do was worry. And guess what? I never worked on it because I had no clue what to do. Do you know what I did? Nothing. I let the season pass. No wonder they kept repeating themselves. This kind of attitude has proven to be very unhealthy as it pertains to your mental well-being. How disastrous.

Looking back, things have changed a lot. I consider myself a giant because I’ve learned how to deal with these savage moments life throws at me.

Here’s how I learned to deal with them.

Identify The Problem

Identify what is causing the problem. This is important because it becomes easier to solve which means saving time. Some issues are complex because of the many contributing factors. To find an ideal solution it’s important to dedicate as much time analyzing the issue/s. “Dive” below the surface to unearth patterns and clues.

Brainstorm to Generate Ideas For Solutions

After you identify the issue/s, brainstorm ideas to generate a solution. This will enable you to expand on a number of ideas beyond your regular thinking. When your thinking is expanded it increases your perspective.

Choose A Solution That Will Work For You

After brainstorming, select one that will work for you. Weigh the pros and cons; consider all the possibilities and implement the solution..

Use The One You Choose As a Trial Solution

This approach involves testing out a particular solution to figure out whether it’s going to work or not. Evaluate and if it doesn’t work, restart.



The last step in the process. After you implement monitor or follow up solutions ensuring that thesolutions are sufficient and feasible.


Decisions making are important . And when you encounter problem don’t try to solve them with another problem, be patient and stay positive. Take a step back and think clearly. This is easier said than done, but facing them is important and it is the greatest thing you can give yourself. In the end you’ll see that worrying only multiplies your problems. When you find the solutions you’ll recognize that it was always ahead of you.


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