Signs Your Boundaries Need Attention

Our emotions are a huge part of our life. I am saying this because the way we think and our emotions have a profound effect on one another. Our thoughts trigger our emotions. The environment and people we are surrounded by is also contributing factor. For us to understand ourselves and emotion we need toContinue reading “Signs Your Boundaries Need Attention”

Protect Your Energetic Space

Energy vampires? Yes! People who intentionally or unintentionally; emotionally and mentally drain you. They feed on your kindness and your listening skills. Have you ever had this experience? What did you do? How did it make you feel? They leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Nevertheless, you keep entertaining them and they keep coming back forContinue reading “Protect Your Energetic Space”

Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?

It’s preferred and important to stay away from conversations relating to politics and bitter memories, religion, your ex, gossips and drama. Growing up, one of the things I was taught, was to be thankful for everything – to have a grateful heart. Today, that lesson remains with me and I will forever be THANKFUL forContinue reading “Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?”

Gratitude Is Easy When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

It is easy to be carried away with the cares of life and forget to stop and appreciate things in life. And when you are going through tough times it is even more difficult to remember that there are things to be thankful for. Regardless, it is always good for us to recognize that weContinue reading “Gratitude Is Easy When Things Aren’t Going Your Way”