Habits Of A Level-Up Mindset

It’s easy to become frustrated with a life that’s going nowhere

7 Powerful Life Lessons

Life is a force to be reckoned with, a tidal wave that sweeps you off your feet. It can be a challenging task maker or as gentle as a mother’s love or a bit of both. An evolving tale of experiences gained and what you learn from such experiences. Disregarding such LIFE LESSONS can makeContinue reading “7 Powerful Life Lessons”

Declare Your Non-Negotiables

Have you ever felt like you have been compromising yourself? Do you feel as though you have put your happiness and priorities for others in the name of love and care? When I was growing up I had a personal rule. I refuse to lend anything I own to anyone who cannot take care ofContinue reading “Declare Your Non-Negotiables”

You Can Alter Your Life By Altering Your Minds

How many of you have dreams that are left undone or still lingering in your mind? Dreams of travelling the world, exploring new cultures, learning a new language and managing your own business that will catapult your life into an amazing and exciting one. However, time pass and you realize that your plans have fallenContinue reading “You Can Alter Your Life By Altering Your Minds”