Tips To Prevent Holiday Burn Out

It’s almost two years into the pandemic and everyone seem overwhelmed, and with the holidays just a few weeks away, this feeling can intensity as most people try to balance year-end deadlines, reviews, travels, holiday parties, shopping and family visits among others. The activities are very demanding, and the amount of time to recharge makesContinue reading “Tips To Prevent Holiday Burn Out”

Things You Should Know

About yourself … What is your philosophy Your definition of success Your strength and weaknesses What activities makes you stand out Your perspective of yourself What/who drains your energy What you can and cannot tolerate Never Tell Yourself … It’s too dificult for you do Am too old. So why try I am not aContinue reading “Things You Should Know”

10 Tips for Monday Morning Motivation

The word motivation is all around except in the bin. Perhaps it’s because we need it. Sometimes everything slows down and you feel as though you are stuck. And this just came to mind, everyone likes to talk about the “Monday blues” sorry I don’t know how that feels. I guess it’s because I don’tContinue reading “10 Tips for Monday Morning Motivation”