The “second mind”: Developing and Strengthening Your Intuition

How many of you need a scientist to tell you what is intuition? If you are what I use to be you might say no. You’ll say this of course, out of ignorance. I hardly knew it more or less follow it. The age of stupidity. It is what I once you as a “secondContinue reading “The “second mind”: Developing and Strengthening Your Intuition”

Blogging on WordPress: Advice From A Rookie

When I first started this blog it was not an idea “out of the blues.” It was long in the back of my mind. Then one morning I got up and started. But that will be another story. As a newbie out here, I feel like am fighting with myself each day I come outContinue reading “Blogging on WordPress: Advice From A Rookie”

Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?

It’s preferred and important to stay away from conversations relating to politics and bitter memories, religion, your ex, gossips and drama. Growing up, one of the things I was taught, was to be thankful for everything – to have a grateful heart. Today, that lesson remains with me and I will forever be THANKFUL forContinue reading “Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?”