10 Goal Ideas to Help You Grow in 2022

It is evident that the year is coming to an end and despite the ongoing dreadful pandemic many of us are here regardless we must be thankful for the opportunity to witness this time of year. Hey, is it too early to make plans for 2022? It is just around the corner. What are youContinue reading “10 Goal Ideas to Help You Grow in 2022”

Benefits of Thinking Outside The Box

The metaphor “thinking outside the box” is considered thinking different or from a new perspective or looking for new ideas. For example, seeing your whole life failing and deciding to make a change, breaking away from certain values and beliefs systems that have negatively impacted you. Such an act challenges you to forget there wasContinue reading “Benefits of Thinking Outside The Box”

Key Reasons to Invest in Self-Development

Personal development can mean so many things from furthering your career to learning a new skill to living a better and more rewarding life. We all have our own perspective of what personal development means to us. It is important for us to understand what it is because life is a learning process. This isContinue reading “Key Reasons to Invest in Self-Development”