Protect Your Energetic Space

Energy vampires? Yes! People who intentionally or unintentionally; emotionally and mentally drain you. They feed on your kindness and your listening skills. Have you ever had this experience? What did you do? How did it make you feel? They leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Nevertheless, you keep entertaining them and they keep coming back forContinue reading “Protect Your Energetic Space”

Declare Your Non-Negotiables

Have you ever felt like you have been compromising yourself? Do you feel as though you have put your happiness and priorities for others in the name of love and care? When I was growing up I had a personal rule. I refuse to lend anything I own to anyone who cannot take care ofContinue reading “Declare Your Non-Negotiables”

5 Things You Should Quit Right Now

Are you still berating yourself for those old mistakes? Can’t stop thinking about that time when you pass up that great opportunity? That time someone hurt you and can’t get it out of your head? Are you still feeling guilty about that occasion when you failed to apologize? Is it troubling to you that youContinue reading “5 Things You Should Quit Right Now”